Grand Canyon National Park

My first view of the Grand Canyon was, as for so many visitors, from Mather Point.  I was blindfolded in the parking lot and led to the edge of the overlook and the the blindfold removed.  If you haven't seen that vast expanse for yourself, there's no way to describe it.  And, you never really tire of seeing it.  You could spend an entire visit viewing the canyon from Mather Point, from Desert View, from the many overlooks along the road, and, perhaps, you would think you'd seen it all.  I was fortunate to travel farther afield, away from the motor homes and tourists, along a dirt road to a remote, abandoned ranger station, from which I hiked down into the Canyon, exploring areas rarely seen by the casual tourist.

But, rather than listening to my words, please enjoy a brief visit to the Grand Canyon through the camera's lens...


Grand Canyon National Park


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